Contact me

By email

There are many emails out there that somehow get routed to me, which kind of scares me. For that reason, I'll only post a few here. One, to be exact.

Feel free to email me about anything, otherwise I basically just stare at the screen, a blank canvas where imagination abounds in very few places.

By online forms

I'm in the process of creating a forum for this site.


I frequent a few IRC servers, such as and If you have an IRC client then feel free to come on and express your joy or concern there. Or simply log on to LCIRC with our jIRC client. My channel is #1337 on both of the aforementioned servers (b3cuz 1 /-\m t3h ub3r 1337, d|_|h!!).

By any other way you can think of

Sure! Go ahead. Find another way. There are many, and you have the ability to find them, and it's really quite simple to do so.