'Aight' is still cool.


June 20, 2007
And BYAHH is greater than ever.


The favicon

June 1, 2007

Dreamweaver & .htaccess

It can get annoying

May 11, 2007
If you've ever worked with or around Macromedia Adobe Dreamweaver and a Linux server, you probably have used .htaccess. Well, this is the case for me, and for years I have been on a quest (of sorts) to unearth the elusive way to make .htaccess open in Dreamweaver. Now you too may discover the secret, but you don't have to take the expedition first. Dreamweaver & .htaccess


A thought on it

April 26, 2007
Let me see...

  • 78% of the content on YouTube is pointless and stupid with little or no thought put into the content of the video
  • 21% actually had some effort put into it, but still phailed terribly or used poor marketing/editing
  • .93% utilizes an 'inside joke' that relates to a joke that would only be understood among the author's friends, however, no one will watch the video ANYWAYS because the author is too much of a nerd to have any friends
  • .03% is only viewed by people accidentally clicking on the wrong link or because the video happens to be tagged with a random word
  • and finally, minute traces of well-made, skillfully-edited, cleverly-scripted, effectively-marketed quality video. It is the sole responsibility of YouTube viewers to hunt down these trace elements, for they are not easy to come by, and the featured videos rarely succeed in assisting your search.

Psst, in case you didn't catch on... the percentages are from this planet's atmospheric composition. Now they are YouTube's videospheric composition as well.

Copied & pasted into its own page.


...my first article

April 25, 2007
Okay then, here's my first text article. It'll go down in the suckiness files later, but might as well get started. Death - It seems there is too much of it


vs. Linsux

April 14, 2007
Finally I've made the decision and executed the switch from hosting this website with Microsoft to Linux. Not that anyone really cares except you Linux and Apple cult-followers, but now I think all the background stuff is taken care of, and I can really work on progressing the site.

Wow, updates.


February 28, 2007
Today (well actually the past few months... I've been holding back on all of this) brings updates galore to our site. First off, bAf (not the best name, methinks...) has evolved. Still working on fine-tuning the layout and all (as with everything) but please do register if you are seeing this, because that'll help motivate me. Also, the jIRC chat applet has launched. This'll be a great way for us to communicate (wow i'm using a lot of parenthesis today), so just go on there and talk. I'm zzork. Talk to Supertech1 as well.

The Seer sees updates in the near future as well!

Valentine's Day

might break your heart

February 14, 2007
Valentine's Day. Ahh, the sweet smell of candied hearts, chocolates, and paper leaflets. Much ado over who will be your lover. Chain emails, circulating faster than blood, claiming that, if instructions are followed, the person of your dreams will appear at midnight. Is this prophecy true? Will you meet the person of your dreams?

This year, instead of taking that chance, how about checking out the new XML feed that is now available, pre-packaged and parsed! Subscribe to that very same XML feed to receive updates hot off the press from this very same website. What could make today any better.

Official Launch

...about time

January 19, 2007
After extensive testing, debugging, validating, and coding, Bananimated.com is finally open. I'm still not done getting the forums and whatnot set up, but at last I can start working on the content, because I'm done with the layout.

Want to become a developer? Contact me.

Have ideas/comments/suggestions/obscene gestures you'd like to direct towards me? Contact me.